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So much of how we measure success is based on whether or not we achieve our results, but what if you were to change the game? 

Through his journey from extreme sports enthusiast and world traveler, to quadriplegic, as the result of multiple sclerosis (MS), Howard has come to appreciate that the real magic in life is not about reaching your destination, but rather in the powerful lessons you learn while getting from point A to point B.

About Howard


Howard Spierer is a 65-year-old living with multiple sclerosis. As the result of MS, he is a functional quadriplegic confined to a motorized wheelchair. He is essentially a talking head, but boy can he talk! Through the course of his career Howard was a successful litigator often working on cases that made their way to the front page of The New York Times. Howard subsequently transitioned to a fortune 100 company where he led their complex litigation group and ultimately engaged in mediation and the negotiation of multimillion dollar international transactions.

That paralleled a life where Howard fed his creative side by performing stand-up comedy, writing plays, a screenplay, editing and owning a newspaper for aspiring actors, as well as serving as the Editor in Chief for the American Bar Association’s publication ‘Litigation News’.

Howard has traveled all over the world, been to 49 out of 50 states and engaged in extreme activities as running with the bulls, jumping out of airplanes, climbing the Grand Tetons, and rafting Class V rapids.

Howard has also been responsible for the creation of various not for profit entities including a men’s organization designed to empower and coach men on how to live lives of accountability, integrity and purpose.

You will find Howard engaging, articulate and unflappable. He is available as a keynote speaker, coach and consultant.


Speaking Topics


Imagine a Life where anything is possible.

Imagine your life or business where anything is possible. How do you get there? Over the course of 50 minutes, Howard will take you through the process of identifying the things that hold you back, and learning how to embrace and incorporate them in a way that will allow you to be successful and engaged in everything you choose to do.


Who Are You and Why Do the Same Things Always Seem to Trip You Up?

Everybody is driven by 4 critical aspects of their personality that effects the way they operate in the world. Howard will take you through what those are, how they impact your thoughts and actions, and how you can be more successful by being aware of our propensity to act in certain ways in certain situations. Attendees will come away with a clearer sense of who they are and how their personality traits impact how they navigate the world.


Conversation with a Man in a Wheelchair Who has No Patience for the Word Can't.

Howard Spierer was a successful litigation attorney who traveled around the world and regularly engaged in extreme sports. At age 40 he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Over the course of 20 years, he has been rendered a quadriplegic. Initially, he tried to mask his symptoms and was focused on finding a cure and battling the disease. However, it wasn't until he embraced his situation and sought to redefine himself that he was able to lead a passionate and adventurous life.
Howard will explore with the audience what it means to reinvent ones self and adapt to unexpected changes in circumstance. He will also give attendees insight on what accessibility means to someone who needs to rely on it. 




Howard is the true definition of a storyteller! His passion and conviction are unrivaled. Highly recommend him for any meetings, conferences, or gatherings. Your audiences will thank you for it!

Nate Shalev, Inclusivity Expert


Howard Sperier is one of the most intelligent people I've ever met on the planet. He's smart, funny, incisive, a truth teller and has a fully engaged soul that touches diverse audiences.

Gerry Martire, Radio personality Q104 New York, NY


When faced with adversity powerful enough to crush the human spirit, Howard has only become more creative, insightful, inspiring, and kind.

Sheree Crute, Editor

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Resilient, wise, mischievous. - Louise Levy, Principle business

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